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Style Your Home with These Tips

If you plan on designing your interior space, it can be a tricky task. You will have so many things to think about like the furniture, wallpaper, paint color, accessories, and many more.

This is the reason why some homeowners opt on hiring an interior designer instead.  But what if you could channel their expertise and knowledge so that you could do it yourself?

For those of you who are eager on doing this task by yourself, then allow us to help you with some of these basic home styling tips.


1. Always accessorize - The easiest way to achieve a designer look for your home is to accessorize it. You can add some staple pieces like standout trinkets and vases. The best part about these accessories is that you can change them depending on the season and you can always find affordable homeware retailers. Take advantage of this one and you will certainly design your home according to what's in and what's not.

2. Be mindful of color - If you are trying to achieve a high-end look for your home, you should be careful in choosing the color shades. For example, if you want magenta, just add a pop of that color here and there. Avoid painting the whole house if you must because you might regret that decision once you are done.

3. Brainstorm like it's your profession - Before you go hands-on with your home restyling, try kicking things off by making a moodboard to brainstorm the colors, textures, and patterns that's appealing. You can even get some ideas from glossy magazines so that you will know how to pull it off. Think of this task as if you are styling everything for a big event. Or try getting some inspiration from famous companies like Curlys Carpet Repair Surrey on how to stylize the interior of your home particularly on the floor. It is important that you get every piece right, while also ensuring that they work beautifully together.

4. Be bold - Having unexpected pops of color and print against simple backdrops are stylish. This discreet yet bold choice will make others think that it was organized by a designer. For example, add an oversized, velvet teal cushion to a neutral sofa. If you want to change the styling of your roof, then go ahead annd have a Surrey roofing and drainage services or Vancouver roofing services team do it for you. Depending on how you want to style it, keep in mind that you always have to be bold with those choices.

5. Add a bit for you - Start with a calm, neutral canvas then add a bit of noticeable snippets of your personality such as an artwork, a family heirloom or an upcycled piece of furniture. If you like vinyl records, then show those evocative covers off. Through this, people will realize that it is based upon your style and that you did it by yourself.

Hopefully, styling your home will not be much of a burden when you apply the tips mentioned above. Just remember to always be flexible with your decision and always browse some new ideas if you must.

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