Bob Sheets is an international award-winning performer who just happens to be a comedy standup magician.In 1971 Bob started his career as protege to the famous magic bartender Heba Haba Al at the Pickle Barrel in Chicago. From there he progressed to owner of two of the most talked about restaurants ever, first in Aspen, Colorado then in Posh Chevy Chase, Maryland in the early eighties. Anyone who was there gets a far away look, usually followed by an amazing story just at the mention of the place. Chaos rules when you see Bob perform. Jump in or get out of the way. His show is not like other magi who call themselves comedy magicians.

This popular and accomplished banquet performer will make you laugh. Bob appears to be trying to work out the details of his magic at the moment, but make no mistake; he knows exactly what he’s doing.

What comes next? Trying to master a world not of his own making, and forcing it to fit within the confines of his performance is what he’s really doing. Isn’t that what we’re all trying to do? He does it very well.

Contact Bob at 301-840-0962, or visit

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